Term & Conditions

You are agreeing to comply and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use.

1.1. Customers can only bet up to the amount held within their Account or allowed by their bank or the limit as set out in the Betting Rules, whichever is the lesser. The minimum and maximum Bet per selection is determined exclusively by BK8 and is detailed on screen or will be communicated by the telephone operator, where relevant.

1.2. BK8 reserves the right to accept or decline the whole or part of any proposed Bet.

1.3. Bets placed by credit/debit card or any other means do not become valid until we have received payment or unless, at our discretion, we allow the Bet subject to authorisation. If payment has not been received before an event commences, then that Bet is automatically void unless we communicate otherwise to you at the time of the attempted placing of the Bet.

1.4. Each Bet will be given an individual number as confirmation of the Bet. Bets will be valid (subject to meeting the criteria for placing a Bet laid down in the Terms of Use) if accepted by the BK8 Server, whether or not the customer receives the Bet code.

1.5. You must exercise your own judgement in placing a Bet and you hereby confirm that you have not relied on the advice of any BK8 employee relating to any Bet.

1.6. You agree to pay us for all Bets that are placed with us using your Account.

1.7. BK8 reserves the right to amend any odds as seen fit, when prices that are deemed as errors are being corrected. All bets placed on these odds will become void and stakes will be returned.

1.8. you are not prohibited from entering into the Bet by any term of your contract of employment, these Terms of Use or any rule of a sport governing body which applies to you.